Raise The Woof


SpoOk is teaming up with Raise The Woof Dog Daycare to offer Group Classes right off The Drive in East Van.

Puppy Classes, Manners Classes and Recall Classes!
See in shop for sign up details or Contact SpoOk for more info!

Class Descriptions

puppy first steps: 9-18 weeks old age group.

  • proof of first set of shots required.
  • focus on socialisation to novel objects and sounds and appropriate puppy play
  • help with typical behaviour and management issues like chewing,jumping up,digging,potty training,handling and barking as well as basic obedience skills including sit,down,leave it,come etc.

puppy next steps: 5-12 months old.

  • similar to previous level but more focus on obedience building skills and less play sessions,building on previously learned material,introducing new skills.

good manners class

  • focus on building handler skills and dog and handler bonding
  • covers basic obedience skills and typical problem behaviour management and prevention topics such as counter surfing,door darting and jumping up

Reliable Recall : three week class focusing on building a solid recall.

beginner tricks class!

  • fun class teaching a whole list of amazing tricks to wow your freinds and build your bond with your dog. including wave,play dead,speak,spin,sit pretty,hold and carry objects etc.
  • prerequisite is any of the intro manners classes or having had a group class experience anywhere else

advanced manners class

  • improving on the previous set of behaviours by adding the 3Ds!
  • learning a few advanced skills not covered in earlier manners class
  • prerequisite is puppy next steps or good manners


Available Classes include:

Puppy First Steps: for pups aged 8wks-18wks
Puppy Next Steps:for pups aged 6mnths-12mnths
Good Manners: for adult dogs in need of basics.
Advanced Good Manners: expanding and refining skills.
Reliable Recall: a three week mini class focused on ‘come!’
Tricks N Treats: a tricks class for fun and relationship building w/ your dog.

Class space is limited!
Email now for registration spookk777@icloud.com