-adding distance ,duration,distractions,difficulties

out door group class

advanced obedience class for teaching how to utilise a long line and use it for teaching recall and fetch and distance commands safely outdoors.

free long line included in price.

6 weeks /once a week


class one-

handling long lines and principles of the three Ds

using sit,implied stay,come,down

discuss release words,distance hand cues

-handout: describing the ‘three Ds’

-goal for next class:be able to do any 3 of the following-

•ask dog to down,wait for a count of 30,reward,release reward.[duration]

•ask dog to sit,back away five strides,wait a count of five,return to dog reward,release,reward.[duration/distance]

•ask dog to sit,walk around dog all the way or half way each side,reward,release reward.[difficulty]

•ask dog to sit,walk backwards ten strides,call dog to come (implied sit finish),reward dog[distance]

•ask dog to sit ,walk back five strides,ask dog to down,walk back ,reward,release,reward.[distance]

•ask dog to sit,jog and sing for a count of ten,reward release reward.[distractions]

class two-

practicing what we did the first class and expanding on those things

hopefully getting to the end of the long lines,beginning to combine Ds

-goal for next class:

class three-

practicing last class material and beginning to combine class members as added difficulties and distractions-group efforts rather than solo work

(bring balls,stuffies,sqweekys)

-goal for next class:

class four-

expanding on previous work and polishing stuff up.

getting more difficult

class five-

learning some games ,get a bit competitive,maybe form teams,trade dogs,chain behaviours together,do an obstacle course?

class six-

final class be able to preform a previously assigned final set of behaviours in solo dog handler pairs and then time for questions ,requests