Tara Tower is a force-free certified professional dog trainer with 15 years of experience, who is committed to strengthening the bond between human and dog teams through clear communication and customized learning. Since 2011, she has celebrated the success of hundreds of dogs and their owners as they navigate every stage of their life-long partnership. 

Whether it is right from the start as a puppy, working through challenges with dogs in their “teens” or changing things up as dogs enter their senior years, Tara partners with her clients to create a unique training plan with hands-on, practical approaches that are supported by proven, science-based positive reinforcement methods. Whether you are seeking reliable recalls, loose leash walking tips or wanting to modify specific behaviours in your dog, Tara works collaboratively to break down training plans into manageable pieces to support client success. 

Insured by ProFur and certified in pet first aid by Walks n Wags, Tara invests in her education as dog training continues to evolve. She most recently received her certification in identifying and supporting owners in managing various forms of aggression in their dogs and works with an extensive network of trainers to refer cases of separation anxiety and comfort with pet health care activities like nail trims and teeth brushing.

Tara currently lives with her senior border collie Chevy and her teenage cattle dog, Punk, who challenge her to push the boundaries of her training as they participate in a variety of dog sports from agility to rally obedience and even barn hunt.


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