The Opposite of the Alarm Barker is the Dog who LOVES it when people arrive at the door. This dog can’t contain them selves and wants to ambush the new guest with doggy greetings in the form of jumping all over them and probably slathering them in doggy kisses too.

While this scenario isn’t stressful for the dog,it’s probably stressful for the guest and not exactly suitable for small children or the elderly. Not to mention it’s generally rude and unpleasant. Here too we can use our previously described game plans of utilising Set Ups,Socislisation,Desensitisation,training and Management to successfully counteract the over exuberant welcome wagon.

A good Solid set of Manners is your first line of defence for these kinds of dogs.If you have done your homework with her,this dog will have a nice Sit cue and Settle on mat helps too. These along with stay and ‘off’ are great tools in the tool box that you can use to help combat her excitement. Before opening a door to visitors ask your dog to do a sit stay or settle on mat while you open the door and tend to the guest. When things at the door have calmed down,then you can bring the guest to say hi or the dog to the guest. Again,use your sit cue to encourage Fluffy to stay all four paws on the floor,and reward this with pets and rewards.

Start your dog out right from the first day they come home by reinforceing four on the floor and no jumping up,no matter how cute and tiny your pup is. This way when puppy has grown to full size they won’t get in trouble for doing this previously practiced behaviour of jumping up. It’s not fair to your dog to one day be able to jump up and be rewarded for it,the next to suddenly change the rules and it’s no longer acceptable.

When they are young,make it a habit to greet them down low and even hold treats by your knees so they learn that this is the spot that pays,not jumping up to your face. If they know you will bend over to meet them down low,they won’t have to try jumping to get closer to your face. If they never practice jumping up early on,it won’t become a habit. Dogs do what works and what gets them attention and good things. If jumping up doesn’t pay they will try it less and less in favour of the auto sit that gets them lavished with affection.

If your dog is still in the learning stages,then an occasion such as a stream of visitors coming and going on halloween is a good time to use Management strategies. have Fifi on leash with a helping hand rewarding her for sitting while candy gets handed out and reward her for looking without lunging to say hi. Or set up a baby gate to keep Her out of reach and toss her treats for keeping all four on the floor while the kids admire her from the porch.

If these scenarios are not feasible for your current situation then the best plan for this year is to have Her out of the way in a doggy proofed room with her bed and toys to while away the evening away from the action and excitement.Better to be safe than sorry in that case.