hey gang.

my Apologies for the radio silence,but it’s been all for very good reasons!

2017 has been an amazing year for me so far in the land of career advancements!

You may have noticed my super duper awesome revved up new website look.

Or maybe the amazing photos added to my website and fb page?

Not only have I revamped my online presence ,i’ve also been neck deep in an apprenticeship opertunity since january this year which has further led to my current situation of teaching group classes on thursdays out of Dogworks in Burnaby.

My awesome brave, volunteer clients attended an outdoor long line group class i put together to give myself experience (before i got the amazing apprenticeship news!) and it was a success and a hoot all in one!

my awesome clients on the last day.

And most recently i have yet more amazing news:

Im teaming up with Raise the Woof Dog daycare on the drive to teach group classes out of their facility several days a week at 730pm.

Life has been Amazingly full and awesome for me in all things dog related.

Come join me in my newest ventures ! sign up for classes!

Let your freinds know about them!

check the websites for more info or contact me directly!