“Joy is the body’s way of telling us that all our physical and mental functions are running smoothly,that life is sweet and whatever we did to feel that way is a good idea to replicate in the future”-Patricia McConnell

We often dwell on whats wrong,suddenly paying attention to our dogs when they begin to act out or show problems.

Its not often we give our focus to the good things our dog is doing every day,instead only once things are not hunky dorry do they suddenly have our full attention.

One of the things i love about the kind of training I do is that it relies on you the human being proactive with your dogs behaviours. Showing him ahead of time what you DO want him to do,before he ever decides to do what you dislike.

It asks us to take notice of our dog doing good things,even if those good things are …nothing. Instead of ignoring fido until he suddenly does an undesired thing and then acting on THAT.

Give your dog things to be joyful about,so she can try and do more of what makes you happy and in turn be that much happier herself!

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