Private Training

Day training for obedience work:

  • Great for puppies, people with busy schedules & a new dog (35$/hr walk)
  • Package w/ built in private consults
  • 450$ (2 x 1 hr consults and 10 hrs day training)

Day training for behavioural issues:

  • Fearful, reactive, excessive barking etc.
  • Package w/ built in private consults
  • 500$ ( 2 x 1hr consults and 10 hrs of day training)

In Home Private consults scheduled as needed

  • Obedience /puppy help/behavioural issues
  • 75$/hr
  • Package -built in follow up hour:125$

* All obedience packages include trouble shooting, advice and ongoing support.


Private in home obedience classes:

  • Any age dog
  • Includes trouble shooting, advice and ongoing support
  • Suitable for dogs who cannot yet handle group situations or owners who cannot easily travel to a group class location!

Smart start puppy pack (basic obedience package)

  • 4hours
  • covers recall, in home manners
  • name recognition/kissy noise, sit/down/stand, come/away/stay, leave it, drop it, off
  • 300$

Super pup obedience package

  • 6hrs
  • covers recall,in home manners,LLW
  • all of the previous plus: lets go/heel
  • 400$

Super duper puppy obedience package

  • 8hrs
  • covers recall,in home manners,LLW & focus excersizes 
  • all of previous plus: look,touch,on your mat.
  • 500$

Super dee duper obedience pack

  • 10hrs
  • includes everything in previous packs plus any two tricks of their choice
  • bang,roll over,swipe,wave,sit pretty,bow,crawl etc.
  • 600$

Super Dee duper plus obedience package

  • 12 hrs
  • includes everything from previous package plus
  • introduction to adding the three Ds and moving to working outdoors etc.
  • 700$

can order additional single sessions after that.

and move to outdoors,proofing and long distance work etc.

scheduled once per week or to fit their schedule.

smart start comprehensive puppy program:

  • covers all the basics for a new puppy:
  • manners,potty training,basic obedience,leash walking etc.
  • learn management skills,setting the ground work for future
  • puppy proofing the home,strategies to deal with common issues
  • sit to ask permission,4 on the floor,exposures to new things
  • preparing for vet visits ,dealing with new people,kids,cats,babies 
  • learn games to make learning fun that can involve whole family.
  • socialisation to novelty,acceptable ways to play,body handling and mouthing
  • outdoor skills Iike fetch and recall learned in home and yard safely first.
  • includes comprehensive notes and handouts and ongoing advice over phone and email.
  • 16hrs for 950$ 
  • 1 hr a week for the first 6 mnths of your puppies life!