House Sitting and Boarding

House Sitting

*all prices same for multiple dogs/cats same house up to 3 or 4(unless requiring separate walking)

weekday visits

  • hour or two of attention exercise, walk, feed.
  • 25$/day

weeknight visits/over nights

  • 30$/night
  • night outing, stay late or sleep over, morning outing 
  • weekend day visits/walks
  • 30$/day 
  • weekend overnights
  • 40$ night

(weekends for daytimes are sat/sun. For overnights weekends are Fri/Sat/Sun)

the full coverage

overnight, plus morning and evening outing and one mid day pee break.

  • mon.morning-Friday afternoon
  • 50$/day 
  • weekends(Friday night-sunday night)
  • 60$

In-Home Boarding

*all prices single dog (or special permissions 2, unable to board more at this time)
** after prearranged screening visit to meet resident dogs

  • 25$/day only or overnight only
  • 30$/day including over night(equivalent to full coverage sitting)
  • weekends and stat holidays-35$/40$ (sat. morning to Monday morning)